Tomlinson: The newest spy who was put aside from the cooler

Tomlinson: The newest spy who was put aside from the cooler

Discover no cardio-thoracic professional readily available. As an alternative, he was sleeping home. Dr Alain Pavie, the latest cardio-thoracic specialist, try phoned from the dos.step 1 0 a great.yards., four minutes immediately after Diana showed up.

Tomlinson: The fresh new spy who was put aside in the cooler

Little princess Diana passed away half a dozen moments immediately after becoming delivered to medical – and two minutes after the heart-thoracic specialist ended up being named.

The newest La Pitie medical team, led by Dr Bruno Riou, did the best they might, in the new factors they’d not a way out-of protecting Diana.

That’s because the actions out-of Drs Martino and you will Derossi had currently closed this lady fate. Effortlessly both of these physicians had assassinated Little princess Diana on back of their ambulance, with the commands of its MI6 handlers. They’d was in fact nicely compensated for their tips.

Riou and his class has worked feverishly away to have a further a couple of times inside the a hopeless but hopeless make an effort to help save a good little princess who was simply already lifeless.

Princess Diana Crash: The brand new Dr Jean-bulance Schedule

As the are sacked by the MI6, Richard Tomlinson have waged combat to your his former spymasters, presumably trip trick representatives on the web. Today these are generally exacting severe payback to own his treachery, as Andrew Mueller discovers.

It is difficult never to suspect an excellent whiff out-of thinking-parody in the Richard Tomlinson’s collection of interview place.

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