Endocrine treatments for transsexual * persons: thorough personal experience

Endocrine treatments for transsexual * persons: thorough personal experience

Adapted of: Gardner, Ivy and Safe, Joshua D. 2013 Improvements on the path to most readily useful healthcare to possess transgender patients. Current Thoughts for the Endocrinology, Diabetic issues and Carrying excess fat 20(6): 553-558.

  • So you can boost transgender individuals’ entry to medical care, the new method to transgender drug has to be generalized and you may available so you can medical professionals within the multiple specialization.
  • A functional target to possess hormonal therapy for transgender guys (FTM) will be to raise testosterone membership to the normal male emotional variety (300–one thousand ng/dl) by the administering testosterone.
  • A practical address having hormone treatment to possess transgender female (MTF) should be to decrease testosterone levels to the typical lady diversity (30–a hundred ng/dl) versus supra- mental quantities of estradiol ( References And you will Necessary Reading (of Gardner & Safer, 2013)

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