Best Home Jacuzzi (Whirlpool Tub) Ideas – How To Choose a Home Massage Tub?

A home Jacuzzi that will increase your bath time by one rank. There are many people who introduce it at home after experiencing esthetics and spas, and both men and women are popular if they can feel comfortable and refresh. However, the functions are different for each manufacturer, and the types of mat type, sucker, bathtub and outdoor use are various, so you are wondering which one to buy.

So this time, we will introduce how to choose a home Jacuzzi and give you the ideas to install the massage tub in your house. Spend a blissful time wrapped in bubbles created by the Jacuzzi.

How To Choose Home Jacuzzi Tub?

Here are four things to check when choosing a home Jacuzzi.

  • Choose by jacuzzi type

There are different types of home Jacuzzis. There are also types that remodel the bath by remodeling, but this time we will introduce it only to the type attached to the bathtub where you live now and the type of Jacuzzi to assemble.

Installation type is easy to install

It is a type that is attached to the bathtub with a suction cup and installed. Because it is easy to install, it is easy to handle. You can switch between water flow and foam with a dial or switch, so you can use it according to your own condition. However, jets and bubbles only come out from the installed part, so when compared to a full-fledged Jacuzzi, the disadvantage is that it can not be said that there is power.

Also, there are rechargeable and corded, so check if you can secure power in the case of cords. And in rare cases, there are products that are not waterproofed, so be careful when choosing.

The mat type spreads bubbles throughout the bathtub

It is a type that can be set just by laying it like a mat under the bathtub. When the remote control is pressed, bubbles erupt from a large number of holes opened on the mat, and bubbles spread throughout the bathtub. In addition, the foam made will refoice and the bathroom will look like mist, and you can expect a positive effect on the skin. However, please check whether it fits the width of the bathtub firmly.

The assembled Jacuzzi can also be used outdoors

It is a type that can be used in the garden of the home and the large veranda. It is expensive compared to the removal type (mounting type or mat type), but it can be used habitually as a spa pool by putting air with a pump. The size varies depending on the number of people used, but about 4 people are recommended for home use.

Installed Jacuzzi is multifunctional

The type of installing a whirlpool bath in the bathtub is expensive because it requires renovation, but it is characterized by its high grade and rich functionality. The busmotor of the whirlpool is quiet, so you don’t have to worry about the sound. Jets are also much more powerful than other types. Installation is done by the supplier, but there are many cases with a manufacturer’s warranty, so you can use it with confidence.

  • Heater function is desirable

For assembled and installed Jacuzzis, check if they have a heater function. When the heater is on, warm bubbles allow you to enjoy the bath slowly even in cold weather without worrying about hot water cooling down. It is a must-see point for those who enjoy a half-body bath or those who want to take a leisurely bath for a long time.

It is easy to use and recommended for the type that can support temperature settings from 20 degrees to about 43 degrees by control panel operation.

  • Check whether it is easy to remove the filter

If the whirlpool is not cleaned, it is said that bacteria such as Legionella, E. coli, and Staphylococcus will be easier to breed. It is important to make the filter easy to remove in order to clean frequently.

Using a relaxing space with dirt is not only a waste but also a negative for the body. In addition, it is important to replace the filter frequently in order to use the Jacuzzi cleanly.

  • Check safety

In order to use the Jacuzzi safely, let’s check whether the product is certified under the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act “PSE Mark” and the Consumer Product Safety Act “PSC Mark”. The PSE mark is a mark that is displayed on “electrical appliances and supplies other than specified electrical appliances” manufactured and imported in accordance with the law. On the other hand, the PSC mark is a mark that indicates that products that may harm the lives and bodies of consumers comply with technical standards stipulated by ministerial ordinances.

Home Jacuzzi (Massage Tub) Ideas

For those who want to enjoy a luxurious whirlpool bath with a resort feeling at home, this time we will introduce more install ideas about whirlpool tubs in terms of shape and install place.

Home Jacuzzi types of bathtubs, such as round, rectangular, and corner-shaped, creates a unique bathroom. They can be installed not only in the bathroom but also outdoors such as on the roof, making it look more stylish.

  • Chooses a rectangle home Jacuzzi, stretches the knees and body

The rectangular whirlpool bath is a relaxing place to relax by stretching your knees and choosing a range that allows you to relax. If the bottom is anti-slip or a handrail is attached, it is perfect for families with elderly people and children who are concerned about the risk of falling.

  • Make better use of space with corner whirlpool tubs

The advantage of the corner-type whirlpool bath installed in the corner of the bathroom is that the bathroom space can be used spaciously with space saving. The bathtub can be used widely in the shape that makes good use of the corner. If you set it facing the opening, you can enjoy the bath time more.

  • Enhance your home Jacuzzi with the included features

Home Jacuzzi has various accessory functions. This is set up so that large pillows line up side by side, so you can stretch your legs and enter comfortably. If you choose a large size with a cleaning function, it will be clean and daily cleaning will be easier. In addition to large pillows, you can also enjoy bath time by choosing ones that have functions such as LED lights and radios.

  • Enjoy the extraordinary in the rooftop outdoor Jacuzzi

A Jacuzzi is installed in one corner of the balcony on the second floor. A blindfolded wall is provided with a circular fix window to maintain privacy. Frosted glass is good for maintaining moderate brightness. The circular Jacuzzi and the shape of the windows are linked to make it look more stylish.

  • Relax in the drop-in massage tub on the wooden deck

Relax on the spacious wood deck, enjoy bekyu, and on such a wood deck, this residence has a drop-in whirlpool bathtub. Because it is an embedded type, you can also maintain the sense of openness of the wood deck. The illuminated garden and the underwater lighting of the Jacuzzi bath create a fantastic atmosphere, and it enriches the way you spend time in a completely different garden day and night.

  • Portable Freestanding Jacuzzi perfect for the outdoors

Portable and assembly freestanding tubs are perfect for those who want to enjoy a whirlpool bath in the garden. We put air in the bathtub like a pool and use it. Suitable for outdoor use, such as in the bathroom, but in the garden or on the verandah. Although it is portable, bubbles are sprayed as well as bathtubs with full-fledged Jacuzzi functions, so if you choose a large size, you can enjoy outdoor Jacuzzi with family and friends.

Any spa tub ideas that you can enjoy more?

You can also enjoy a bubble bath at home with whirlpool bubbles and foam bath salts. You can easily make a fluffy bubble bath that even children who dislike baths will want to take the initiative in bathing. For adults who want to heal fatigue, by sticking to the aroma of foam bath salts used, you can take a bath in a fun mood and you will be healthy immediately. For finding out the best massage installing solution for your home, feel free to contact us to get the professional suggestion!