Can You Use A Sauna While Pregnant – Is It Bad For Fetus

Sauna is a detoxification and health preservation method loved by many people. It uses high-temperature steam for physiotherapy to open and relax the pores of the whole body. After a sauna, the whole body will relax and eliminate fatigue. At the same time, it discharges toxins from the body and promotes blood circulation. But there are also taboo groups in sauna. Is it safe to go to sauna while pregnant? Can pregnant women with special constitution take a sauna? Does sauna affect the fetus? Let’s learn more about it.

Can You Use A Sauna In Pregnancy

You can’t use sauna in pregnancy. Because the temperature of the room is very high and the air is relatively closed and non circulating, it is easy to cause dehydration and even collapse of pregnant women after the temperature is high, so you can’t use a sauna. In some cases, if the air is relatively closed, pregnant women may faint due to hypoxia. Generally, try to avoid sauna during pregnancy. High temperature will affect the development of embryos. At the same time, sauna can promote the expansion of capillary pores in the whole body, which will increase blood volume and accelerate heart rate. This situation is easy to increase blood pressure and may cause abortion. If the number of pregnant days is large, it is also easy to increase the incidence of placental abruption. During pregnancy, it is necessary to keep the air in the surrounding environment more circulating and the temperature more appropriate, which is better for pregnant women and babies. If the ambient temperature is relatively high, it is necessary to supplement water in time to prevent dehydration.

What Are The Dangers Of Using A Sauna For Pregnant Women?

1. Affect fetal hearing
According to relevant survey statistics, if you often use sauna in the third month of pregnancy, the risk coefficient of abnormal hearing of the fetus in the abdomen is 55 ~ 85 times higher than normal. This is because the first three months of pregnancy is the key period for the development of fetal auditory organ cells, and the fetus is more sensitive to thermal radiation. The thermal radiation of sauna is very easy to damage its auditory organs.

2. Easy to cause fetal malformation
Warmth can promote the body’s metabolism, but for the mother, if she is in a high temperature state for a long time and can’t dissipate heat, it is likely to cause fetal malformation. This is because the fetus has not been formed in the early stage of pregnancy and the embryo is still unstable in the uterine wall. If the temperature in the body is higher than 38.9 ℃, it will lead to chromosome breakage in the embryo or defects in the fetal brain and nervous system.

3. It is easy for pregnant women to slide to
The air in the sauna room is not circulating. The continuous high temperature will cause people to feel dizzy. In addition, sometimes there will be fog in the sauna room. After bathing, the ground is very wet and slippery, which is easy to cause the pregnant women to be to slip. Slipping sometimes means abortion and other conditions, so you should go less to places easy to slip, such as the sauna.

4. Change the blood pressure and heart rate of pregnant women
The temperature of sauna is high. When people take a sauna, high temperature will dilate blood vessels. For expectant mothers, a sauna will increase the temperature of the uterus and their blood volume by 20% ~ 30%. At the same time, a lot of perspiration will accelerate the speed of internal circulation, accelerate the heart rate by about 15 times per minute, and then the blood pressure will rise. The above reactions are not good for the pregnant woman and the fetus. Pregnant women with threatened abortion may even cause placental abruption. Pregnant women with pregnancy induced hypertension are more likely to aggravate the fluctuation of blood pressure, lack of blood supply to the brain, and cause syncope.