Children’s swimming guide – benefits of swimming for children, suitable age for children to swim

Swimming is a full-body workout, so even though they are in a big city, many parents still like to take their children to swimming pool. When is the best age for children to learn to swim? What do children need to prepare for swimming? And what are the things to keep in mind?

Benefits of swimming for children

  1. Makes children smarter
    For children, the movements of swimming are not simple, and these movements are completed by the brain, so in the process of swimming, the brain is also subjected to the corresponding exercise. This exercise not only makes children’s brains much more responsive to the outside world but also promotes their intellectual development. In addition, swimming is also beneficial to children’s potential and emotional intelligence.
  2. Improves sleep quality
    When swimming, the water massages children’s whole bodies and puts them in a relaxed state of mind and body. Under such circumstances, some negative emotions such as anxiety, loneliness, and fear will be eliminated. In addition, children will develop the habit of going to bed at regular intervals and will have a more cheerful personality than children of the same age.
  3. Enhances the cardiopulmonary function
    The waves, pressure, and buoyancy of the water all exert forces on the skin, which are equivalent to massaging the surface blood vessels. The pressure of the water on the body is also a form of massage, which not only promotes the development of the thorax in children but also increases their lung capacity.
  4. Helps to grow taller
    When children swim, they have to move their limbs to resist the force of the water, and as children’s bones are not yet set in stone during their developmental period, this exercise is just the thing to get the body fully developed. Swimming can also correct poor body posture and avoid hunchbacks and other conditions.
  5. Helps digestion
    Swimming is very physically demanding and when the body loses a lot of energy, the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines speeds up, which increases the appetite of children. At the same time, to compensate for the physical energy consumed during swimming, the production of growth hormones will increase and the digestive system will be strengthened to ensure the absorption of nutrients so that children will grow faster and taller.

When is the best age for children to start swimming?
Every child is born a swimmer, but as the environment changes after birth, this skill is gradually forgotten. At this stage, there are many baby swimming pools and many parents are keen to take their little ones swimming, however, the earlier a child learns to swim the better.

  • Children’s swimming is not as early as possible
    Every child is different and the best time to learn to swim is not the same. However, if you get into the water too early, your child may develop an infection and baby swimming can only be used for exercise and does not allow your child to learn to swim.
  • Best age for children to swim – 4-8 years
    Children in this age group can already remember things and express themselves, and they are also very good learners at this age and can learn to swim very quickly.

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