In What Order Do You Use The Steam Room, Shower – Can I Take A Bath After Steaming

Steam is a common way of health preservation now. Many people like to use the steam room, because after steaming, you will be very comfortable. However, it is important to pay attention to the method and order when using the steam room. During steaming, it is generally necessary to take a bath before changing clothes and entering the steam room for steaming. It is generally not recommended to take a bath after steaming. And you can’t take a bath immediately after steaming your body. Let’s learn about steaming.

In What Order Do You Use The Steam Room, Shower?

You should take a bath and then steam. The purpose of bathing before sweat steaming is to remove the garbage on the skin surface to prevent clogging pores, which is not conducive to the discharge of toxins in the body. Therefore, we must take a bath before steaming, especially for women who make up, only after cleaning the cosmetics on the skin surface can it be more conducive to skin beauty. Many people may think that when steaming, they should steam first and then take a shower. They all think that if they take a bath in this way, it is easy to wash. In fact, it is not. The correct order of steaming is to take a bath – steam – rest – finished.

Can I Take A Bath After Steaming Your Body?

In the process of steaming, the body will sweat. After steaming, a lot of sweat will make the body feel sticky. At this time, if you can take a shower in the bathroom, it is the most expected thing for all friends after sweating. The question is, can I take a bath after steaming?

After teaming, the microcirculation and pores of the body are completely opened, and there will be a lot of sebum secreted by the subcutaneous sebaceous glands during sweating. If you go to take a bath immediately after steaming, the harmless substances in tap water are easy to enter the inner layer of the skin through the pores, and the bath will also wash the sebum used to moisturize the skin. After taking a bath, you will find that your body skin becomes unusually dry. In addition, after steaming, the body is in a state of acid-base balance. Bacteria adhering to the surface of the skin will be killed by sweat. Taking a bath immediately is easy to destroy the acid-base balance of the body.

Although you can’t take a bath immediately after steaming, it doesn’t mean you can’t take a bath. Generally speaking, it’s best to take a shower 4 to 6 hours after steaming. At this time, the pores have been closed, and the skin problems tend to be normal. Taking a bath can clean up the sweat stains on the body and make the body skin less dry.