Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions When Buying Hot Tubs | FSHANSE

Hot tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have their own distinct features. How to obtain the greatest value on the hot tub you choose. When people walk into the store, what would they ask if they decide to buy hot tubs. Today we are going to talk about the top 5 things that people always ask when they buy hot tubs.

How To Choose Hot Tub Size

A lot of people don’t know what size they actually need. The question is how many people are you going to have using the hot tub or do you plan on entertaining. If a hot tub says it seats six, it really seats five. If it says it seats five it really seats four. It’s all marketing. If they can make something a contour in the hot tub a seat, they’re going to go forth and do that.

Lounge or Non-Lounge Model

Different hot tub manufacturers in the industry have different layouts of their hot tubs. There are different things that you will get when you don’t have a lounge that you would when you have a lounge. The lounge does take up a third of the spa, so you do lose a seat and then more than that, you do not get an eight-foot dome. They offer a foot dome when you don’t have a lounge. The lounge offers you get two hip jets, two hand risk jets in the lounge, eight leg Jets, foot Jets back Jets, neck Jets, and then you’re all laid out a lounge.

Without the lounge, you’re going to get an extra seat. You don’t have those leg Jets don’t have those hip Jets in a lounge formation. But you do have hip Jets and calf Jets. You are missing a couple of leg Jets that is one thing that lounge is really going to give you or some lay just when you’re laying out in that lounge. But the benefit of a non lounge model is this foot dome. Because every single person in the hot tub has a place to put their feet and every single person in the hot tub is going to get a leg massage. This keeps the foot sea and the tingling of the legs from happening because everyone’s sitting in the hot tub. There’s a place for their feet to go.

What’s The Energy Efficiency For A Hot Tub

A lot of hot tubs are designed to be temporary hot tubs. It’s not built for a lifetime. right they don’t use very much insulation, they might have an r1 value at most. This means on your utilities you’re going to pay 50 or $60 a month to keep that hot tub hot at 102 degrees. Your top-end manufacturers they’re going to use a full foam setup. What full foam is a high density polyurethane open-cell foam that once they’re done doing the plumbing and everything they spray that. There are no gaps right so it’s fully insulated all the way to the outside wall of the actual spa. It is wall-to-wall foam once all the plumbing is done. This drops your electrical bill significantly from 50 to 60 all the way down 8 to 9 dollars a month. If we take a round pretty number like $50 and we talk about ten years, someone’s holding 6000 and someone’s holding 600 that is a huge huge saving.

Water Quality

Salt system basically is an automatic coordinator. The actual tub is making chlorine from the salt while you’re sitting in it and you’re breathing it into the steam. Sodium bromide is a super corrosive salt in a hot water environment. It’s tough on the plumbing. The ozone system has been around 30 or 40 years. Water passes through an ozone venturi and that venturi sucks ozone into the water. Its actual trioxide attaches to the bacteria keeps it from mutating and kills a large portion of it. You can get ozone on just about any hot tub out there.

The best system nowadays is a clear rate system or a UV light system. They’re being introduced to pools now. It’s really great people really like it. We use it in hospitals to sanitize, we use it an h-back, we use UV to clean air, we also use to purify water. However, there’s a little bit newer to the hot tub industry and basically, as water passes by the UV light. It scrambles DNA in the bacteria and that bacteria can no longer mutate.

If you’ve got a UV system and an ozone system, they’re in their separate inside your actual hot tub to keep your chlorine levels at 1 or 2 parts per million and really keep that clear crisp beautiful water that we all want in our hot tub every time we go to actually use it. This is very important because you don’t want to be out there and be a mad chemist either. After all, water quality is another big one when it comes to buying a hot tub.

Hydro Therapy

Your better manufacturers are going to have jets that move left and right. They spin, and need deep into the actual muscle. They go up or down your back and all these different things. The reason that they’re doing these things is that they want you to have the most Hydra therapeutic experience. That’s what you can be using every day. Make sure you do your research and get a good Hydra therapeutic hot tub because that’s going to make you relax, mend your muscles, help you sleep and feel better every single time you use the hot tub.